Ways To Spice Up Your QUINOA!

Oboseoye Ojeaga
Food Ideas & Inspiration
November 20, 2023

Quinoa is a stable in my diet, it is the base of almost every meal in my home. Let's be honest sometimes quinoa can be a bit boring. Here are some tips and tricks to spice up your quinoa. There are three different types of quinoa





I said it before and I'll say it again, you can not be afraid to season your food when on a plant based diet. Your spice cabinet is your best friend and I am not just talking salt and pepper! 

Cooking Liquid

This is where you get creative. Normally you would cook quinoa with water, but turn it up a notch by using veg stock!  Store brought veg store works well, but if it is homemade you have control of what flavors you want your veg stock to develop. For instance if you're a mushroom lover, you can make a mushroom stock or maybe you like onions and would like for the quinoa to take on that flavor instead. Either way you can get very creative.


What veggies can you utilize to add flavor and aroma to quinoa? Adding quinoa to sautéed aromatics are a great way to build flavor to your quinoa. Simply start by sautéing aromatics of your choice and add you cooked quinoa. Below are some aromatics I use when cooking quinoa.